Belles Secrets Show – 15/09/2022

Welcome to The Belles Secrets Show – with your hosts Chrystelle Belle and Selena Secret.

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Hi Everyone    we have a support ticket raised with the cloud transcoding service we use as they are experiencing issues with a large volume of video files stuck in their system.   they expect to have everything back up and running in the next hour, however its going to be processed on a number in the que basis so the video may not be available tomorrow.   This may also impact the buzz release which was due at 16/09/2022 10am GMT +1

Belles Secrets Show 25/08/2022

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Independent Adult Podcast

Independent Adult Podcast

Chrystelle talks about the different types of orgasms and how to accomplish them. Selena tells how people were punished for having illicit sex in History of Sex. Find out how to perform the Baring the Sceptor in sex position of the week. Matt talks about sexual health and find out what deals Bedroom Taboo has for you this week.

Independent Adult Podcast
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