The Sex Clinic with Matt Valentine-Chase

The London Sex Coach

 An award winning sex positive practitioner who works differently.
I’ll give you advice and a dose of humour that will instantly put you at ease.
This is a time that we need to do things differently.
More people than ever are feeling confused, lost and disconnected. This will effect all areas of our lives, including our sex and relationship lives. 
I work online offering professional therapy for sex problems, sex issues, sexual development, porn addiction, kink positivity, sex worker inclusion and more.
I’m trained in general therapy, specialising in sex and relationship needs, I’m deeply empathic, with a natural healing ability.
Relationship abuse
Relationship loss
Anxiety and/or depression
PTSD or shock that affects sex
Confusion- around your sexual orientation or gender identity
Anything that may or may not have affected your sex and relationship life

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