Selena Secret

Bringing you a wide range of fun segments to entertain you through the show.

From naughty to nice, I have something for all.

I’ll have you laughing, crying and maybe even ……….

Random Facts –

Brings you the most random and obscure facts and topics you would never think were a thing.

From sexual organs to internal monologues.

If its random and its a fact I’ll most likely be talking about it.

Welsh Fun Facts –

Bringing you some fun facts from my home in Wales. From our unusual language to our wacky history and so much more.

I also like to throw in a few Australian Fun Facts as well.

A great way to experience different cultures in a fun way.

News History –

Bringing you news from history around the world for that week.

It could have been anything, from film releases to laws being passed even some sexy revelations.

You won’t want to miss out.

Selena’s Sexy Bits –

Every week I tell you about 3 sexy fun games that you can try out with your partner in the bedroom.

They may include props, toys or just your naked body. 

What ever it may be, give it a go and who knows what you might find out about each other.

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